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Let's talk about inflatable classification.

When referring to inflatables,which object would be in your mind at the very moment?Everyone has his own answer.Most people may be think aobut inflatable structure,which also called bouncy caslte.Okay,we will begin from it.

  1. Inflatable structures(Bouncy casltes).They are often in the shape of a castle and the walls and floor are both bouncy, like a trampoline.They are large cold air inflatables that people can enter and bounce around on. Many people also call they moonwalk,moon bounce, bouncy castle,inflatable castle,jumping castles,party castles,etc.Bouncy castles are very popular all around the world.
  2. Inflatable pools.Inflatable pools is a toroid-shaped inflatables.After inflated and filled with water,inflatable pool is like a real swimming pools!You can enjoy this very much!
  3. Inflatable boat.An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing pressurised gas. For smaller boats, the floor and hull beneath it is often flexible. On boats longer than 3 metres/10 feet, the floor often consists of three to five rigid plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes but not joined rigidly together. Often the transom is rigid, providing a location and structure for mounting an outboard motor.
  4. Inflatable games.Strictly,bounce house belongs to inflatable games.I think inflatable games is inflatables that could give fun to people.Some people think the following list all belong to inflatable games.

The original inflatable game was the Moonwalk (bounce house). Today there are a wide variety of inflatable games that come in all shapes and sizes. Many inflatable games put people in head to head competition with other people such as the bungee run and gladiator joust. There are also several inflatable obstacle courses available. Because of their large size, most obstacle courses consist of two or more inflatables connected together.

There are also several variations on sports games which are made portable thanks to inflatables. A sports cage is an inflatable cage that holds up a backdrop that resembles a sport (e.g. baseball, football, soccer, golf) in which you throw, toss, hit or kick a ball at a marked spot on the backdrop. The cage not only holds the backdrop but keeps balls from flying everywhere. Some sports cages come with a radar gun that will tell you the speed of your throw or kick.

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