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As parents, have you ever been agonising for your naughty kids? No matter what you do, they are always crying. Now we can help you. Have an inflatable jumper for them, you will have more time to do what you want to do.

most important for kids toy is the safety. General Inflatable reinforce each inflatable jumper by fourfold stitching. We use 12 lines high strength thread to sew each inflatable while others just use 9 lines..

Another important factor for inflatable's quality is the material. Our inflatables are made of first class 18OZ Vinyl not second hand. The material is certificated by EN71. It has 3 layers, 2 PVC coated outside with 1 strong net inside.

Even you cut a part of material, the rest will not tear itself but prevent the split. So the weight capacity of a 15 feet inflatable jumper can reach about 1500lbs.

Each product is designed in 3D(computer aided design) software and then cut using the precision cutting table controlled directly by a computer. The cutting table accurately cuts the assembly pieces. The sewers then, sew everything together resulting in a complete inflatable product. Next step, we do test for our inflatable products to make sure you will receive a good condition inflatable.

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