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An inspection, incorporating the following checkpoints should be carried out before the first use on each day.

The blower has no exposed wires or loose screws, bolts, etc
Air inlet and outlet mesh guards are secure and intact
No sockets or switches are damaged.
Electrical cables are not chaffed or worn.
Plugs are intact.
The blower / inflation tube connection is good.
Anchor points are intact and not damaged.
Anchor ropes are not chaffed or worn.
Anchor stakes are sound and good for continued use.
Wall-to-tower fixings are not torn
The surface seams of the bed and step/front apron are free from rips or holes.
When fully inflated, the bed and step/ front apron has sufficient pressure to give a firm and reliable footings, and all walls and towers (when fitted) are firm and upright.
The equipment should not be used prior to the inspection being carried out, and only then when ant adjustments or repairs judged necessary as a result have been satisfactorily carried out.

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