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How to make sure the bouncy castles you buy will really make them happy, without any chance of getting hurt.

Below we have listed five simple steps you should follow when choosing a new bouncy castle for your kids, or even for adults' entertainment.

1. Quality must be assured

When buying anything, you are investing your own money, and you probably want to make the best use of the resources you put into it. If you are looking to buy a bouncy castle, just check that the quality of material is good, as well as have a look at the reliability of the supplier.

2. Make sure the bouncy castle has insurance

Even companies selling top quality bouncy castles will not guarantee that no accident at all will ever happen. That's why you need to insure against any unforeseen situations, just to protect yourself.

3. Pressure points must be reinforced

This is a very important aspect, since if the pressure points are not reinforced, the risk of injury increases. Insurance will help you after an accident happens, but if we can avoid the pain, would it not be even better?

4. Make sure it's a fancy design to attract people's attention

You might think that image doesn't matter and that kids will love any style. The opposite is actually true, since a fancy design will catch people's eyes and attract kids' attention. If you are looking for a bouncy castle for children, make sure you go for a nice colourful one - kids just love bright things!

5. Use a reptuable supplier

It is crucial to choose a company who is able to deliver and set up top quality bouncy castles close to your area, so that all you need to do is call them, and you can rest assured the kids will be able to start using their bouncy castle soon.

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