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Qile inflatable was established in 2006 and is currently one of the largest inflatable product manufacturers

 in China. In 2017, Qile company built its own industrial park and factory, which currently covers an area of 

26,000 square meters and includes supporting facilities such as raw material storage areas, finished product 

storage areas, and product photography areas. Inflatable products are customized handmade products, 

and manufacturing costs and production capacity are the biggest competitive factors. our company has 

recruited and trained 160 skilled workers in the surrounding area, with low labor costs and 0 factory 

rental fees, which greatly enhances the company's competitiveness.

Qile  boasts a professional design team and extensive manufacturing experience. We are committed to 

providing our customers with high-quality inflatable  and adhere to ISO9001 standards for standardized

management. We regularly provide safety education and quality technical training to our staff, ensuring that 

safety and quality are deeply ingrained in every employee's daily work and guaranteeing the stability of our 

products' high quality.

Qile inflatable's products have been certified and meet CE, EN14960, EN71, and ASTM standards. We use 

18OZ, 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin material that is waterproof and flame retardant, in compliance with BS7837. 

The sandwich structure consists of two layers of coating with a sturdy netting layer in between. This design

not only ensures the material's airtightness, but also guarantees its strength, making it able to withstand 

sufficient tearing and impact forces per unit area. The material is suitable for various sports products. 

In addition, we use imported color powder that does not fade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight, 

so the product's color remains new even after several years of use.

Our excellent product quality starts from the design stage. We have a team of 8 designers whose designs 

cover all aspects of inflatable products, including inflatable inflatable bouncy, inflatable castles, inflatable 

slides, inflatable obstacles, inflatable sports and inflatable tents. We also offer various advertising inflatable 

products, such as inflatable arches, sky dancers, air blimps, inflatable Christmas products and various

 inflatable cartoon character

Qile inflatable has 3 automated cutting machines, 10 Heat sealing machines, and Digital inkjet printer

machines. Due to the large number of products produced every day, the company has formed a professional

 team for photography, quality testing, and packaging. Their busy day will be a day of sweating.

Customer satisfaction is the direction of our company's efforts. I believe that every persistence, every effort,

 and every drop of sweat will record the glorious growth of Qile Company. We hope to establish contact 

with global buyers and customers and become your long-term partners.


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